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ITS OVER 9000! by kaemarie913 ITS OVER 9000! :iconkaemarie913:kaemarie913 0 0 Image by kaemarie913 Image :iconkaemarie913:kaemarie913 3 2 Image by kaemarie913 Image :iconkaemarie913:kaemarie913 0 0


~The End Of Heartache~ (Law x Reader)AU PT9

“Can you give me a good reason to not ruin you?”
“What are you-?” Law muttered feeling confused but he was starting to understand where Shanks wanted to get to.
“I suppose you got the news right?”
“You mean her pregnancy?”
“Of course, what else? I want to know what do you feel for her now that she´s expecting a baby…YOUR  baby” Shanks made a huge emphasis on the last words making the raven haired swallow hard at this but he tried to maintain his composure and talk with confidence.
“I know is hard to believe but I´m trying to fix everything with (Y/N) sir” Law talked with a firm tone but Shanks remained looking at him as if he had just tell a bad joke.
“Don´t tell me…” the red haired whispered stretching his arms and yawning “ I know she doesn´t want you to get involved and I support that
:iconnaruxace:NaruXAce 51 12
Alice in... Animeland?! -Red Hibiscus-
Chapter One: Red Hibiscus
... A red hibiscus?
"How pretty." (Name) murmured as the rabbit hopped over to her. She reached out slowly and was just about to brush her fingers against its fur when an excited squeal scared it away.
"Oh my gosh! Is that you (Name)?! Oh, it is! Come here you!" (Name) sighed, she had really wanted to pet the rabbit, but... she really missed her aunt too.
"Auntie (Aunt's Name)!" (Name) said back, standing to hug her aunt.
"Oh, look at you! You've grown so much since last I saw you! Muah!" Her aunt said with a kiss.
"Well, it has been four years. So, what brings you here Auntie (Aunt's Name)?" Her aunt smiled cheekily.
"You, of course! Now, come, I'll take you home and you can tell me all about these last four years." So, (Name's) Aunt dragged her all the way to her car and all but threw her into the passenger's side. With a slight sigh, (Name) pulled out her phone and texted her friends. The second she told them that her Aunt was in town and coming to
:iconpurple3panda3:Purple3Panda3 8 2
Emperor sir - Kaido x Reader
“Master Kaido, I have returned with the slave as you instructed,” a henchman in a cloak spoke up, tugging the chain that was attached to the collar on your neck. You cough as he tugged, making you fall on all fours before the massive Emperor, his gaze was heavy and crushing, that was just his gaze, you could only imagine how easily he could crush you with his large fingers. Kaido waved off his underling and kept his gaze upon your small form, looking over every detail of your small body, the cloth that barely covered your body looked somewhat enticing. He reached over slowly and gripped your small chain with his large fingers, then tugged it, giving you whiplash and nearly braking your neck. You cut and scraped your knees from the tug across the floor, your body already weak from being held in a cell for so long with little food and water. He then raised you up carefully by the chain, causing you to gasp for air, “slave woman, you are mine to do as I desire, if you re
:iconranatatsumia:RanaTatsumia 8 2
Severed Ties (Crocodile x Reader x Doflamingo)
WARNING: For mild allusion to past abusive relationship
A small continuation of Sand in the Wind

You don’t have to do this,” he’d said.
I know,” you had replied. “But I want to.”
And now here you stood, alone before the gates of Impel Down where the former king of Dressrosa awaited you in chains.
“I’m here to see my husband,” you said, your voice unwavering. You felt a swell of pride in that, but it did little to quell the fear churning in your gut. You settled a hand over your swollen stomach to soothe you. You silently wished Crocodile was by your side to give you the strength you needed, but you knew you could never ask him to return to this hell.
“Follow me,” the guard said, interrupting your train of thought.
Your heart leapt in your throat as he beg
:iconvizkopa:Vizkopa 62 14
Mature content
Only hell - Part 1 - Kaido x Reader :iconranatatsumia:RanaTatsumia 5 8
Akashi xReader (Last Resort)(Extra)
So I got multiple requests for a part two to "Last Resort", so here it is~
You rapped your knuckles against the door to the Akashi Manor as nervous butterflies ran rampant in your chest. It was only yesterday that Akashi had gotten down on his hands and knees and apologized for his mistakes. You were still digesting the entirety of the rare and one-time occurrence.
Akashi had made it memorable, as he did with most things, and it had meant something to you.
To your surprise the door wasn't opened by Sebastian, the regular staff man, but your boyfriend instead.
"Sei-kun." You smiled.
"Ah~ (Name). You did come." He looked just the slightest bit relieved and stepped aside to allow you in.
"Sei-Kun, where is everyone?" You asked as the Manor was uncharacteristically silent.
"They have the night off," he shuffled with an agitated look on his face. "Because my father has returned."
You winced, recalling the words you had parted with when the two of you had broken up.
"Is this a bad time?"
:iconmechamoonstone:MechaMoonStone 174 14
Sasuke Uchiha X Reader
Sasuke....huh....Sasuke Uchiha....
I walked down a path alone. It was the way back to Konohanagure. I had been training, alone as usual. Shikamaru had told all of my old class mates to meet up so we could discuss Sasuke. What about Sasuke? What did we need to talk about? He left.
He left.... 2 years ago.
He almost killed Naruto. I hate him for it.
I care about Sasuke. I'm Naruto's friend. I support what he's doing full tilt. I'd like to see him bring Sasuke back. It'd heal Sakura and Ino. It'd heal all of us.
I don't care about him. He's hurt Sakura, Ino, Shikamaru, Kiba, Choji, Neji, Lee...everyone. Epically Naruto. Why does Naruto care so much? All he did was hurt him.
Oh Naruto. Why do you care so much? I care about you. I want your happiness. And if that happiness is getting Sasuke back so be it. I'll help you.
Naruto had gone to plead to the Raikage so Sasuke wouldn't be marked criminal and killed.
I fear he doesn't have a chance.
I can't help remember the
:iconsakura-ex:Sakura-Ex 356 60
[Soulmate AU] Why? [Tsukishima Kei]
Tsukishima Kei x Reader
Soulmate AU: Everyone is born with a tattoo on the inside of their wrist of their dominant hand. Only two of the same tattoos exist in the world. The identical tattoos mean that the two people are soulmates. People can go through their lives without ever meeting their soulmate.

“You’re a jerk!” you shouted. The blond paused in his walking. “You’re suppose to be my soulmate, but you’re a complete and utter asshole! I rather not have a soulmate at all!”
He turned to face you. His dark eyes staring you down. “Then stop bothering me. I rather not have a soulmate who keeps nagging me to do stuff with her.”
Then he left.
All your life you wondered why a soulmate was chosen for you at birth. The idea of not being able to choose who you wanted to be your soulmate always confused you. Your parents tried to tell you that finding your soulmate would be the best thing in the world. Meeting them would c
:iconkit12323:Kit12323 162 7
Iwaizumi Hajime x Reader - Nice to Meet You
Disclaimer: I do not own Haikyuu!! or any of the characters that are mentioned. I am not making any profit from this fic and I write purely for the love of the characters. Haikyuu!! is the property of Haruichi Furudate.
Soulmate AU where the timer on your wrist is counting down to the moment your soulmate first speaks to you. Those words are then engraved onto your wrist where your clock was.
You stared mindlessly at the timer on your wrist, it didn't hit you until now that your timer was going to go off tomorrow, or today, at noon. And you stared at it. 
Albeit a bit panicky about the whole ordeal you kind of had difficulty sleeping that night. It was in just several hours after all. What if... what if it's him. A silly smile spread on your face before you shook your head, Ah what am I thinking. We don't even talk, let alone does he know I exist. We're not even in the same classes. But it would
:iconitbeajen:itbeajen 47 10
Tsukishima Kei x Reader - Feather Light
Disclaimer: I do not own Haikyuu!! or any of the characters that are mentioned. I am not making any profit from this fic and I write purely for the love of the characters. Haikyuu!! is the property of Haruichi Furudate.
This is a spin-off of More Than.
Crow!Hybrid!Tsukishima x Reader
Nishinoya's intent stare on the taller male did not go unnoticed by anyone that day. And even you were scared of what the shorter boy was about to do. So when you all saw the tanuki smirk and sprint towards the taller male, all of you expected Tsukishima to get hit and tackled immediately.
No one expected Tsukishima to fly out of the way, and they were equally surprised by Nishinoya's vertical.
"DAMN IT, TSUKISHIMAAAAA!!!" Nishinoya cried out. Tsukishima was hovering in the air, and then his ever notorious condescending smirk found a way to his lips as his wings moved subtly enough for him to stay in the
:iconitbeajen:itbeajen 37 13
Oikawa Tooru x Reader - Unexpected Development
Disclaimer: I do not own Haikyuu!! or any of the characters that are mentioned. I am not making any profit from this fic and I write purely for the love of the characters. Haikyuu!! is the property of Haruichi Furudate.
Another soulmate au cause like why not
Soulmate AU where you and your soulmate can feel each other's pain. But when you meet you can heal each other's pain.

You flinched as you felt another strong thud against the back of your head before another one hit your shoulder and back consecutively.
Gods, does my soulmate fight every day? Or something. It hurts..
But your finger tips and your right knee were constantly tingling with pain. And you gently flexed your fingers, knowing the pain was not on your side before gently pinching the skin on your arm.
That. That was your pain. You sigh and mumbled, “What the hell does he do?”
“[F/N]-chan?” a soft voice calls you out and you feel a slight blush on your face before you respond
:iconitbeajen:itbeajen 115 23

~Kageyama Tobio X Reader~
Soulmate AU where you share the same talent as your soulmate.
You wanted to curse your soulmate.
You didn't know who they were or what school they went to or what their interests were; all you knew was that they were really damn good at volleyball.
You never had to try to be good at volleyball.
Because you never liked the sport. You never thought to yourself, even in gym class, "Hey, I want to play some volleyball."
But on the first day your first year of high school, you decided it'd be fun if you just randomly served a volleyball with your friends.
With your mocking tone, you said to them, "Hey guys, look, I'm a pro!"
And at that moment, you made the most terrifying jump serve in existence.
"Guess you really are a pro, [Name]!" Your closest friend exclaimed as they poked their head out from behind a ball cart. "You should join the volleyball team."
Word quickly got around among your circle of friends (and acquaintanc
:iconsuucelestiadensen:SuuCelestiaDensen 153 31
I think I found you - bokuto |soulmate|
soulmate au
-> the one where the words on your body change depending on what’s going on with your soulmate
The first time I payed attention to the words scribbled on my hand was when they changed. They had been a simple word for as long as I could remember: volleyball. Well, volleyball was the only consistent word. They would change now and then to reveal words like 'I'm kind of sad but it's okay, I guess' and one time it was literally 'my feet can't move because I've been jumping all day'. These words would only stay for a day or a couple of hours. I used to be aggravated that literally the only important thing my soulmate could think about was some stupid sport, but I forgot about the whole idea of a soulmate when I realized nothing was going to change for a while. 
It was a Tuesday during spring when the drastic change happened. Certain letters disappeared, and some stayed to form the word 'I failed'. I looked at the words for days on end, awakening a wor
:iconwhatsausernamereally:whatsausernamereally 424 28

~Tsukishima Kei X Reader~
Soulmate AU where after you pass directly by your soulmate, you'll begin to crave the food they'll be eating and vice versa until you meet them and make some sort of romantic contact.
Kei frowned upon realizing how much he wanted potato chips. He didn't care what kind it was; he just wanted to eat potato chips.
This had been happening for the past month- his weird cravings, that is. It ranged from food he actually found appetizing to food that made him want to scowl just looking at it.
His best friend Tadashi heard of his weird cravings and knew right away what was happening.
"You passed by your soulmate, Tsukki! When did this begin happening??"
Kei thought about what had happened when he began first getting cravings.
He was just walking back to class from lunch after refusing to eat in such a stuffy classroom that day. He wore his headphones, but no music was playing, just in case someone worthy of conversation was trying t
:iconsuucelestiadensen:SuuCelestiaDensen 164 45
good accidents. ( soulmate!au ) | kageyama
soulmate au;;
you feel whatever pain your soulmate feels.
“how are you supposed to know who they are when you first meet them?”
yachi thinks about soulmates a lot. this is one of her constant musings; you’ve both talked it through and to be honest, you don’t know how that would work. it isn’t the most practical way to find your soulmate because there’s no real indication like those stories you read about the timers and colors.
if only it were that easy.
“what if you just slapped someone and felt a sting on your face? then you would know it’s them!”
yet another brilliant idea from this little blonde ray of sunshine. the excitement she has almost makes you refrain from denying the idea, but you force a weary smile.
“yachi, that’s not how it works.”
the joy on her face deflates when she realizes that really wasn’t an epiphany and you feel as if you’ve stolen a balloon from a kid at disney world and popped
:iconciiren:ciiren 388 32
Shared Talents|Soulmate!AU [Oikawa x Iwa!Reader]
Soulmate AU: Where you get to share the same talents as your soulmate

The shrill cry of the bell signaled the end of the day. Finally. You stood and quietly packed your things, letting the sound of your classmates’ chatter and the dragging of chairs fill the air.
“Iwaizumi-san?” your classmate asked.
“Yes?” you replied, stuffing the last of your things into your bag and looked up.
“Would you like to come with us to the coffee shop?”
“No, thank you, (Classmate’s Name). I feel kind of tired today, so maybe next time?”
“Okay, Iwa-san! Next time!” she smiled cheerily and exited the room.
You sighed, rubbing your right palm at your temple and proceeded to trudge towards the gym.
You have never went to your brother’s practices before; not that you were interested in watching him play, but of his request for you not to go.
You didn’t know the reason why but you complied anyways.
:iconderanged-gongzhu:Deranged-Gongzhu 292 683


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I started watching kuroko basketball on crunchyroll yesterday and it's amazing. I love it. It's actually makes basketball look fun to me. 

If you are looking for a anime to watch it is definitely this one for sure.Reo (Hungry, Pervy Eyes)  Aomine (Angry, rage) It is the bomb!


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